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Episode #6 - Neil O'Sullivan & Su Tuttle: The Benefits of Sauna and Practical Tools for Optimising Mental Wellbeing



Neil O’Sullivan and Su Tuttle are the brilliant minds and the married duo behind Nimbus Co, Australia’s first infrared sauna studio which now boasts four stunning locations around Australia as well as a digital content platform Nimbus Wellness

Su is a qualified nutritionist by trade and is currently also the co-founder of Foile, an ethical and refillable skincare label. Neil hails from a diverse marketing, PR and advertising background, and is also a semi-professional soccer player in NSW’s National Premier League. In addition, he’s also co-founded, chaired and sat on two mental health charities (The Light Ball Sydney and Darkness Into Light) and is the co-host of the hit podcast ‘These Lads Are Mental’ which explores issues around mental health. 

It was the personal health struggles which both Su and Neil faced in their respective lives that inspired the vision for Nimbus Co. Su was a sufferer of Lyme Disease while Neil has had more than his fair share of health struggles with auto-immune conditions, the MTHFR gene and mental health issues, and this fuelled the pair to look deeper into how they could support their health, while helping others do the same. 

In this episode, Gabe chats with Su and Neil about saunas and their benefits, the difference between steam and infrared saunas, optimising mental health - and so much more. 

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