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FREE shipping Australia-wide on orders above $60!
FREE shipping Australia-wide on orders above $60!

Hello, we're Ora.

We are a team of naturopaths, herbalists and natural product experts with over 50 years of combined experience with the best brands in the natural products industry.

We set out in 2020 with a mission: to reimagine an answer to what has previously been considered impossible - creating supplements that include all ingredients at therapeutic doses, 100% plant-based and organic formulations, and that taste not just pretty okay, but freakin' delicious.

We made ora for you

We have used the best of our knowledge and experience of not only traditional herbal medicinal practices, but also the latest clinically researched evidence on natural medicine ingredients to create the most efficacious formulas you've ever seen.

We made Ora for you - a person whom, like us, wants to buy less but buy better, in a way that not only avoids harm, but actually directly benefits the environment.

a new standard

Transparency at its finest

Built on honesty, we do our best to ensure the traceability of all our ingredients, taking sourcing transparency to a whole new level.

We have spent time selecting the right partners - those who prioritise ethical and sustainable sourcing as well as the purity of ingredients.

We then make it a point to share everything we know with you - because you deserve to know where you're putting your money and what you're putting into your body.

a knowledge platform

The power is in your hands

We know that a product alone cannot deliver wellness, and that true wellness comes from an understanding of what we put into our bodies and why. 

That is why at Ora, we think of ourselves as a collaborative platform that provides you with all the tools and information you need to develop the best health regime for yourself.

We want to help you see what we’ve always seen – that you have power. The power to make conscious choices about what you buy, what you put into your body and how you live.

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East and West

At Ora, we believe life-changing wellness can be achieved through the alchemic combination of the timeless wisdom of traditional medicines, the evidence base of modern science and the highest quality natural ingredients.

Our practitioner-crafted formulations are created using the elements of Naturopathy, Ayurvedic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Herbal Medicine, creating a harmonious balance between science and nature, East and West.

Quality Ingredients

All our products contain the highest quality plant-based ingredients and materials, sustainably sourced from some of the best growers, manufacturers and suppliers in the world.  

Not only do we use organic ingredients wherever possible, all our ingredients have also been independently tested for potency and purity. 

Eco-Sphere of Health

Ora exists to positively shape your Ecosphere of Health. We provide a strong support system of not just great products, but also information, education and access to experts and health practitioners to help you create the best health regimen for yourself.

Our Sustainability promise

Ora was born out of a commitment to people and planet – and our refusal to accept that we are powerless to make a difference and create positive change. From the sourcing of our ingredients to who we choose to partner with, we are dedicated to being graceful activitists and empowering you to be one too.

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