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Episode #7 - Anthia Koullouros: Navigating Stress, Balancing Hormones and Eating Your Way to Health


One of Australia's best-loved Naturopaths, Anthia has over 28 years of clinical naturopathic practice, with a specialist focus on Women's Health. Anthia is the founder of Apothēca by Anthia, where she consults with patients in Paddington, Sydney and Akademeia by Anthia, her online library of best-in-class courses. Anthia is also the author of the stunning book "I Am Food: Eating Your Way to Health", which was recently updated in January 2023.

In this beautiful conversation, Gabe and Bronte chat with Anthia about:

  • Anthia's journey into the world of natural medicine
  • The open-hearted approach she takes in her practice
  • Navigating periods of stress 
  • The signs of stress-induced hormonal imbalances
  • The impact of stress on the body, especially the hormones 
  • The peri-menopause struggle
  • The importance of source and process in whole food nutrition
  • The Restoring Your Hormonal Balance eBook 
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