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Episode #5 - Jacqui Lewis: Emotional Seasonality and Meditation for Overthinkers

Jacqui Lewis is the co-founder of The Broad Place, a global meditation school sharing ancient knowledge and modern neuroscience, tools and experiences for higher grade living. 

A writer, educator, facilitator and speaker on clarity and high grade living, Jacqui, through The Broad Place, not only teaches meditation via in-person experiences and online workshops, but also hosts immersive retreats globally. She has also published a number of must-read books, including High Grade Living and The 14 Day Mind Cleanse

Jacqui's approach to meditation is what draws us to her most. As an extremely busy person and a self-confessed overthinker, she understands the need to apply the ancient techniques and practices like meditation to the modern day context, which she teaches through both The Broad Place and her books. 

In this episode of The Co-Creating Wellness Podcast, Gabe and Jacqui talk about the concept of emotional seasonality, the best way to learn meditation if you have a busy and overactive mind, and how her latest book The 14 Day Mind Cleanse teaches us simple techniques to clear out mental clutter and introduce a state of calm and positivity. 

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