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Episode #4 - Jess Wilson: Stress, Burnout and Healing Through Food

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Jess Wilson is a Functional Nutritionist, Gut Health and Hormone Practitioner and All-Round Wellness Coach. She's also a busy mum, an ocean lover and runner (an ex professional athlete!).

After years of living an extremely fast-paced lifestyle and pushing her body to its limits, it all culminated in Jess having a hard time getting pregnant, difficulties through her pregnancies and finally two very sick babies. Through her four year long fight for their health that would very nearly break them (and her), she took matters into her own hands and started to search for answers to help her children heal - as well as herself. 

This journey led her down a truly inspiring path of learning and discovery and Jess now makes it her mission to teach others about the healing powers of food, and how to nourish our bodies from the inside out. 

In this podcast, Gabe and Jess talk about:

  • The health struggles of Jess and her children
  • The impact of  stress on reproductive health
  • Why women are biologically more susceptible to stress and trauma than men
  • Tools and tips to restoring a connection with our bodies
  • Managing Type-A tendencies in a healthy manner
  • Achieving healthy weight and body composition
  • The power of food and nutrition in healing our bodies


Find out more about Jess and her work:

Work with Jess:

Connect with Jess on Instagram: @jess_wilson_nutrition 

Connect with Jess on Facebook: jesswilsonnutrition

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