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Episode #17 - Natural Approaches to Reducing Cancer Risk // Remi Odisho

In this month's episode, we have with us Remi Odisho, an Integrative Medicine Naturopath from Melbourne Integrative Oncology Group talking to us about the big C word... not Covid, but cancer.

With a background in biomedical sciences, western herbal medicine and ongoing studies in Chinese Medicine, Remi brings a truly unique perspective to the field of integrative oncology where he combines the best of multiple disciplines to treat and care for the whole person.

This month's episode with Remi is full of very practical strategies for preventing cancer as well as evidence-based approaches to supporting the cancer treatment journey.

This episode covers:

  • The role integrative oncology plays alongside conventional treatments
  • Whether cancer is a genetic disease or a lifestyle disease
  • What current science is saying about the causes of cancer
  • The role of dysregulated metabolism, detoxification capacity, gut health, mental health and mitochondrial health in causing cancer
  • The key factors in reducing the risk of cancer: exercise, stress management, sleep and reducing alcohol


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