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Episode #16 - Positivity, Gratitude and Manifesting Your Best Life // Jason Grant

Jason Grant is nothing if not inspiring. He is an Interior Stylist, Creative Director, Author, Designer and Stylist for big brands, books, magazines, stores and restaurants around Australia, but we know him best as the creative genius behind many of the refurbished motels we've stayed at in the Byron Bay area, such as the Blue Water Motel. Jason is also the author of several bestselling books, including his new book, Force of Nature.

Jason is most certainly a big name in the world of design, but in this conversation you'll get a strong sense of his down-to-earth personality and ultra calm and cool presence.

In this unique episode, Gabe nerds out with Jason about their shared love for Star Wars, but also chat about the role of positivity, optimism and gratitude in Jason's work and life, his approach to manifesting, what health and wellbeing means to him and of course, his new self-published book Force of Nature.

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