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Episode #10 - Carla Wrenn: Invisible Illnesses, Naturopathic Oncology and Long Covid

Have you ever felt extremely unwell, only to go to your doctor to have them tell you they couldn't find anything wrong?

Do you know someone who's going through cancer treatment and is struggling with debilitating side effects? Or did you get hit with the infamous COVID-19 and are now having to deal with the symptoms of long-COVID? 

If you answered yes to any of the above, then our newest episode of the Co-Creating Wellness Podcast is a must-listen.

We're joined by Carla Wrenn, a Melbourne-based Integrative Naturopath and Nutritionist who is an expert at tackling invisible illnesses – health conditions that aren’t easily recognisable to the outside world, whether mental health conditions, autoimmune diseases, long COVID or cancer.

In this conversation, Gabe and Carla talk about:

  • The Peninsula Herbal Dispensary and what inspired her to start it
  • What draws her to the complex cases and what she calls "invisible illnesses"
  • How she uses Functional Medicine in her practice
  • Systems biology vs symptoms biology: The importance of investigating the root causes of illnesses
  • The role of Naturopathic Oncology in minimising side effects of cancer treatment and improving outcomes
  • Dietary and lifestyle modifications for cancer
  • The importance of mindset in cancer recovery
  • Long Covid and the biological changes that occur
  • Treatment strategies for Long Covid and how naturopaths can help
  • And much more!
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