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Building a More Sustainable Future // Lottie Dalziel

Meet Lottie Dalziel, a journalist, podcaster, NSW Young Australian of the Year of 2023, the founder of Banish, an education platform that helps Australians reduce their waste, as well as the Banish Recycling and Disposal initiative (BRAD). Needless to say, Lottie has fast become the leading voice for sustainability in Australia.

Since founding her B-Corp, eco-friendly business Banish in 2018, Lottie has set out on her mission to educate Australians on how to live to ensure a more sustainable future. She also leads the Banish Recycling and Disposal (BRAD) program, which has recycled over 15 tonnes of hard-to-recycle items, such as blister packs, plastic lids, toothpaste tubes and coffee pods.

In this inspiring episode, Lottie and Gabe chat about:

  • What inspired her sustainability mission
  • About Banish and the Banish Recycling and Disposal initiative
  • What to do if you’re suffering from climate anxiety
  • How to overcome the challenges when trying to live sustainably 
  • The relationship between sustainability and personal health 
  • The highest impact initiatives that we as individuals can do for the planet
  • How to take your sustainability journey to the next level
  • The 9 Rs
  • And much more!
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