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FREE shipping Australia-wide on orders above $60!

Mood + Stress Bundle

Our Hormones + Mood Bundle contains Mag³ Mood and Adaptogen Tonic+.

Mag³ Mood: Your everyday, triple-magnesium powder for neuromuscular relaxation and function, with mood- and stress-supporting herbs and a sustainably-sourced vegan Cordyceps.

Mag³ Mood supports with:

+ Muscle tension and cramps

+ Low mood and energy 

+ Stress relief

Adaptogen Tonic+: Feel revitalised and reduce the symptoms of stress and mild anxiety.

Adaptogen Tonic+ supports with:

+ Stress and stress-related fatigue

+ Mild anxiety

+ Mental and physical exhaustion

Mood + Stress Bundle is suitable for adults seeking support for:
  • Low mood and energy
  • Mental wellbeing and emotional balance
  • Stress relief, particularly chronic stress
  • Improving the body's ability to adapt to stress
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Mild anxiety with or without fatigue
  • Restoring vitality
  • Relieving mental and physical fatigue related to stress

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