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Episode #2: Erin Lovell Verinder: Plant Medicine and Modern Herbalism

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Erin Lovell Verinder is an Australian trained Herbalist, Nutritionist and Author of two well loved plant medicine titles, Plants for the People and The Plant Clinic. Erins work is to reconnect the people with the plants! Her training began studying a Diploma of Energetic Healing (Nature Care college, 2002), following with a Bachelor of Western Herbal Medicine (Nature Care college, 2011), and an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine (Nature Care college, 2012). 

Walking the plant path, she is a woman in tune with the natural world. On a full hearted mission to educate and inspire others to heal with the rhythms of nature, through the bounty of plant medicine. Erin runs a thriving clinical practice, alongside mentoring students and emerging practitioners, she teaches the love language of the plants within her communities and writes from the wild green island of Tasmania.

In this episode, Erin chats with Gabe about:

  • Her journey into plant medicine
  • The role of intuition in herbalism 
  • The intersection of herbalism and energetics
  • How to apply traditional herbalism to our daily lives
  • The magic of slowing down and tuning in

Find out more about Erin and her work: 

Connect with Erin: @erinlovellverinder

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