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Episode #1 - Carolyn Ledowsky: Methylation, Stress and the Importance of a Personalised Approach to Health

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Carolyn Ledowsky is a health scientist, researcher, naturopath, herbalist and nutritionist who has a Bachelor of Naturopathy, Bachelor of Herbal Medicine, Advanced Diploma of Naturopath, Diploma of Nutrition and a Bachelor of Economics. On top of that, she also studied genetics at Duke University and The University of Maryland.

As the founder of MTHFR Support Australia, Carolyn specialises in genetic susceptibility and how this contributes to biochemical dysfunction and chronic health conditions. She now sees chronically ill patients who have searched, sometimes for decades, to find the reason behind their ill health. Most of her patients have MTHFR mutations and/or associated methylation disturbances.

In this episode, Gabe and Carolyn chat about:

  • What methylation is and its role in stress management
  • The methylation cycle and the significance of B12
  • How chronic diseases arise from a combination of genetic predisposition and environmental triggers 
  • The importance of a personalised approach to health
  • Genetic testing opening up a new path to recovery for many
  • The key nutrients and lifestyle habits that can support those with methylation issues 
  • What's always in Carolyn's supplement cupboard

Find out more about MTHFR:

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