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My Universe: Ellie Brooks

Tell us a little bit about yourself – who are you and what are you up to these days?

My name is Ellie Brooks, I’m a Scorpio baby, 25 years young and I am a professional surfer from the Gold Coast competing on the world qualifying series. I will soon graduate from my Bachelor of Business degree and current mini business owner of In Motion Surf. A company I created during Covid to help build confidence in women both in and out of the ocean.

At the minute I am loving life between Coolangatta and the Central Coast where my partner is from. Surfing, studying and planning the next stages of life! Excited for what opportunities 2023 will bring. 

How did you get into surfing?

My Dad! I have always been a water baby. I did nippers and was competitive with that but I started wanting to go surfing more and more with Dad. If he was going so was I.

You’re only in your early twenties and you’ve already started your own surf school! What inspired you to set up In Motion?

Personal experience and Covid inspired me. Competition got put on hold and I was at home still studying but it just didn’t serve me enough purpose at the time. I really wanted to help young girls. When I was going through school I got bullied and just remembered how tough it can be going through adolescence. So I wanted to create something that would help with confidence both in and out of the water for young females while helping them with their surfing and competitive goals and ambitions.

Surfing and the ocean have always been there for me and honestly been like saviours. I love sharing my experiences with others. The girls have met so many friends through In Motion, it is such a safe place and I love seeing them all improve. 

Looks like you’ve travelled to lots of places around the world! What are your top three favourites places?

That’s a tricky one!! I love travelling and experiencing all the different types of cultures. So many incredible places have such an impact on me! Whether that’s who I’m with, if I got a good result in an event or fun waves but I do love Mexico, Francery and Indonesia.

Ellie Brooks surfing a wave

I know that an incident in China triggered the start of your journey into health and wellbeing. Can you share a little bit more?

Yes! It was my first ever event overseas competing on the qualifying series, I went with my good friend / naturopath, and we were talking about health and that I should try avoiding gluten and dairy. Me being the all-or-nothing person I am, I went completely off the two.

It probably wasn’t the greatest idea going into an event and changing my diet completely at the same time. I also wasn’t very culturally exposed at the time, so I just thought the food was like what we get at home, meat, raw salads and all. I ended up getting food poisoning or gastro and basically slept on the bathroom floor for five whole days.

It knocked me right out. I came home and by this stage was so run down I got glandular fever too. I saw a naturopath, got a bunch of blood tests and that's when I really started focusing on my health. I ended up loving how I felt from the changes and was so fascinated by it all. I still am today. 

How do you usually start the day?

I wake up usually pretty early, depending on what my body is telling me. I wash my face, scrape my tongue, have about 600ml of filtered water, sometimes with lemon then go grab a coffee and check out the surf. I’ll look at my emails and make a plan for my day or week. I love a productive morning. 

What are some of your favourite healthy meals to cook?

Buddha bowls are a favourite! Any type of salad really. I love making smoothies, sushi, rice paper rolls. 

What does your evening wind-down routine look like?

It changes depending on what my day involved but I like to make an early dinner and zone out with my partner, watch some Netflix, journal, make bracelets, read in bed with a tea. Put my diffuser on! I've also been loving the Ora's Profound Sleep powder - I'm hooked! 

Ellie Brooks holding Ora Profound Sleep and Ora Adaptogen Tonic+

You spend lots of time in the ocean, so I’m sure you must be big on ocean conservation. Apart from simply using less plastic, do you think there is more we can do to safeguard the future of the ocean and our environment?

I was the ambassador for the Global Wave Conference which is a foundation that works in protecting our iconic point breaks and beaches. We involved all the surfers to spread the word. We as surfers have the biggest voices I think, as we use are in the ocean everyday.

I'd say, If you see rubbish, pick it up, it is so easy to do. I also believe shark nets could be removed, of course that is a very controversial topic but we lose so much of our beautiful wildlife in them. I actually did a university report on it and the stats are surprising. 

What do you turn to, to make you feel your best: food, habits, must-have supplements and all the other practices?

I have been enjoying fasting in the morning. I feel like it gives my body a rest and helps my digestion. Fresh is best! I try eat limited processed foods, lots of protein, veggies and fruit. Lots of water too, especially because I love coffee.

My daily go-to supplements are magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D. The rest of it changes depending on how I am feeling or if I am deficient in something like iron, or if I feel I am getting run down in which case I'll dose up on some Vitamin C. 

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