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Episode #14 - Ayurvedic Routines for Summer // Sarada Martin

In Ayurveda, ritucharya or seasonal routines are one of the key principles in the maintenance of good health. Every season has its own set of principles and practices that relate to the seasonal characteristics of that particular time of year, and to practice ritucharya is to understand how the seasons affect the energetic forces - known as doshas in Ayurveda - of our bodymind.

In this episode, Gabe is joined by Sarada Martin from the well-known tea brand, Organic India, who shares what Ayurveda and Naturopathy teach us about the impact the shift in season has on our body types and our different constitutions, as well as how to thrive this summer, whether physiologically, mentally or emotionally.

This episode covers:

  • What is ritucharya
  • The link between doshas and the seasons
  • Best foods for summer and eating with your digestive fire
  • How to truly hydrate
  • The digestive impact of dehydration
  • The power of adaptogens like Tulsi in summer
  • Getting enough greens in your diet and the role of greens powder
  • Yoga for summer
  • How to integrate the principles of Ayurveda into a modern lifestyle 

Sarada (Sally Martin) graduated as a Naturopath and Western Medical Herbalist from the Australian College of Natural Medicine (ACNM) in 2004 and, as a qualified Yoga Instructor with a business degree, has worked with the social and ethical enterprise, and now certified B Corporation, ORGANIC INDIA for over 12 years.

Sarada has spent many years working closely with, and as an ambassador for, Ayurveda’s Queen of Herbs Tulsi, (Holy Basil), and espouses the profound relevance of this incredible ancient herb in tea form for the modern world. From an early age Sarada has walked values-driven paths and continues to be purposeful and passionate about planetary wellness which includes conscious business.

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