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Want To Try Pilates At Home? Here Are Our Favourite Online Studios

While we love the atmosphere of being in a fitness class surrounded by people, we’ve also discovered a love for working out from home. So if you’re time poor or can’t get to a studio, here are our favourite online Pilates studios to try.

Ready to feel the burn? Let’s go!

Pilates studio


With a name like Bodylove, how could we not love this studio? Add the mantra ‘we believe in the mindful burn’ and we’re hooked. Pilates instructor and founder of Bodylove, Ali Handley, has created a space that not only welcomes fitness enthusiasts, but seriously nurtures both beginners and new mums to Pilates, and that is no easy feat in the usual fast paced and somewhat daunting world of fitness. “I always wanted Bodylove to be so much more than just a place to workout. I want it to be a holistic wellness experience,” she says. Long before her physical studios existed, she began with an online studio. “Way, way, way before Bodylove the studio, I created an online studio called Bodylove Online with 300+ mat Pilates workouts – PrenatalPostnatal and beyond,” she says. So whether you’re at home, or able to go to a studio in Sydney, everyone can access Bodylove.

Fluidform Pilates

Founded by Kirsten King, Fluidform At Home gives you access to over 160 custom Pilates workouts on demand. Their mission? To transform your life. And if you can do that from the comfort of your living room, we’re in! Sign up and you’ll be sent a free equipment pack which contains a ball, bands and sliders. Basically, everything you need to find your Pilates muscles quickly and achieve incredible body transformation.

Women doing pilates

Balanced by Biana Melas

The gorgeous Bianca Melas hosted a Pilates class for our Ora launch (it’s possible we’re still sore). If you want to join her, you can sign up for a subscription to new workouts weekly, ranging from Pilates, barre, cardio, stretch and mindfulness. “Through Balanced, I’ll be providing a space for my clients to not only gain physical strength through Pilates, but to increase their mind-body connection. Through naturopathy and nutrition, clients are able to gain knowledge on ways to heal themselves. Overall, my hopes are to create a balanced approach where mind, body and soul are supported,” she says.

The Pilates Class

"My focus as a Pilates instructor is making the most of your workout through focusing on technique and posture,” says the founder of The Pilates Class Jacqui Kingswell. “Pilates is one of the most transformative practices that you can do for your body and helps you to create sustainable and lasting change. My focus as a Pilates instructor is making the most of your workout through focusing on technique and posture. Having “The Pilates Class Body” means you will feel stronger, longer and leaner but also feel relief of physical tension and mental stress. I want my clients to set a new standard for their body and what it deserves - to treat it with love and care because confidence and beauty starts from within,” she says. There are over 140 videos to work through, along with a brand-new workout delivered weekly.

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