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My Universe: Bianca Beaman

The face of our new Ora campaign Bianca Beaman is guaranteed to inspire you to create healthy new habits. She’s also likely to inspire you to sell everything you own and get on the road (keep reading to find out all about her childhood which was spent travelling around Australia with her parents).

The now model spent her 20s working in finance. It was motherhood that made her rethink her career and spurred a change. At the age of 30, a friend suggested she try modelling. Two years later, she hasn’t looked back.

For Bianca, a healthy lifestyle was instilled in her from a young age by her parents. As a child, she watched them put their health and wellbeing first. Now, she does the same. She drinks celery juice daily (one litre per day!), kicks off the morning with a Pilates class, is asleep by 8:30 pm and fills her plate with nourishing food. Inspired yet?

She’s the ultimate inspiration for all things wellbeing, which is exactly why she’s fronting our new campaign. Let’s step inside the universe of our incredible Ora muse Bianca…

Tell us about the ‘why’ behind your career change?

I loved finance because it gave me the option to go shopping and to enjoy fashion, but I found it really dry. There was no creativity. When I had my daughter Hazel, my role was made redundant and my girlfriend who was with Bella Management suggested I give modelling. Within a couple of months of being with Bella, it just took off and I haven't looked back.

Tell me what were your expectations of what modelling would be like and is it different to how you imagined?

I felt too old to be a model. I was 30, I had a child, stretch marks. I had grey hairs. To me, a model was someone who was very, very young and didn't have any life on their body. I never ever imagined that I could get into modelling at my age. But honestly, everyone is so inclusive. I've met people of all ages, of all body types, backgrounds. There's no typical model. The industry embraces imperfections. I love it.

How did becoming a mother to Hazel change the way that you approach your career?

I have more self-confidence. Before Hazel, I felt I need to look a certain way, or act a certain way. Now, if I am on set and I look like a complete fool, it's okay as long as it gets the shot. I don't care how I look these days. If I am with a younger model, I find they sometimes don't have the confidence in themselves whereas I feel comfortable in my own skin. Being a mum and having life experience has really helped.

What has been the most challenging part of motherhood and how have you overcome any challenges?

That would be alone time! I can't even go to the toilet and have a shower in peace, without someone coming in and "Mummy, mum, mama, ma, mum", constantly. I go to the laundry room to do washing "Ma, where are you?" I'm like "I'm here". You have to let go of personal space and really learn patience.

Talk to me about how you approach wellbeing…

Wellbeing is a big part of my life. My parents have really impacted the way I see life. My parents don't drink, they don't smoke. Every day they get up and they go for a walk. That's their non-negotiable, rain, hail or shine. My mum drinks hot water with lemon every morning, they do stretching. They're so healthy. I feel like because I grew up with them in a caravan, travelling around Australia until I was 12, it has really impacted me. Now every morning, I'm the same. Their lifestyle is now my lifestyle. For me, my non-negotiables are the same. I wake up, I do my stretching, gym, hot water and lemon or celery juice. These are things for me that are my non-negotiables.

Tell me about growing up and travelling around in a caravan?

My aunt passed away when she was really young and one of her dreams in life was to travel around Australia. She never obviously got the opportunity to, so my mum was like, well, I don't want my life to be like that. I don't want to have regrets. When I was five, we were living in a house in Rockingham, in West Australia, an hour and a half south of Perth. They sold everything - the house and everything in it. TV, couches, you name it! They bought a trailer and an EH Holden. Dad converted the trailer into a canopy with a bed inside. We had an esky in the EH and we just took off. We just started our life that way.

When I was a bit older, we upgraded because I was getting so big. I couldn't fit into a little trailer anymore. We got a Bedford, which is like a minivan. Dad built it so that there was a bed and a bunk bed on top for me and a little stand for the TV. Then again, I got too big for that. We upgraded to a big school bus and my dad completely gutted it and converted it into a house with a kitchen, a bed for mum and dad, a bed for me. We continued to travel around Australia. From there we got a caravan. I was home-schooled by my mum and dad. At 12, I couldn't do home-school anymore. I had to go to high school, so I went to a school on the Gold Coast.

What an amazing experience...

It was really, really amazing to have that time with my parents. It’s why I'm so close to them. They're my best friends because essentially, I grew up with them by my side the whole time and they taught me. Mum taught me English and dad taught me mathematics. Sometimes my parents would do odd jobs like fruit picking and they'd put me into the local school for a term. It was a really, really cool way to grow up.

What’s your approach to alcohol?

My mum grew up in Burma, she basically she grew up in the jungle. Alcohol wasn’t part of her life. My dad doesn’t drink either. When I moved to Sydney when I was 21, it didn't appeal to me. I just don't like the feeling of being drunk and what it does to you as a person. If you drink, go for it, but for me, I'll just sit on a glass of rose all night.

Healthy habits take planning. How do you stay organised?

I'm very organised. I will go to Harris Farm, get my celery, ginger and lemon. When Hazel is asleep, I will chop it all up, blend it and get that bottled up so that it's in the fridge and ready to go for the week. I'm very fortunate that my husband Dan can go to work a little bit later in the morning, so I am able to go to the gym nearly every morning. I do reformer Pilates. I'm obsessed with Vive Active at the moment. It's like being in a nightclub at 6:00 am - it's fantastic! I love it. By 6:30am, I'm sweated, I'm gross. I walk out, come home, have my shower, make myself a hot lemon water and then I'll make breakfast for Hazel and myself, and start my day. My body clock is set for 5:00 am. I just wake up automatically now. Even if I want to lay in, I can't do it. I have to get up, stretch, go to the gym and have my cup of tea.

Talk to me about a typical day on your plate.

Breakfast for Hazel and myself will always be scrambled eggs or I'll make a roti, and then usually avocado and feta. When I'm out and about, it'll be an oat iced latte. I never used to drink coffee but now I'm obsessed. They're just so delicious! So, I'll always have one of those or a chai latte as a treat.

Lunch will either be a salad, which I'll put some kimchi and chilli, lemon, marinated olives in. I'll make it a Burmese sort of style lunch or curry, which will be leftovers. Afternoon tea will be crackers, or I'll usually have a hot chocolate to kick that sugar craving. Dinner will either be steamed greens and fish or chicken and pasta or tuna. It just depends on the day. I usually try to keep it really light at night in terms of portion sizing, because my dad has bad indigestion and I have his indigestion now. If I have a big meal at night, like a heavy curry at eight o'clock, I feel terrible. It just sits there, and I can't sleep. I tend to eat around 6:30 pm and I just cut my dinner plate in half. Breakfast and lunch will be big meals and then dinner will be like a little palm size.

What are the benefits of celery juice? How does it make you feel?

I love celery juice with ginger and lemon. It really wakes me up in the morning. It's so good for hydration. I feel like my skin is so much clearer when I have that. I usually try and drink about one litre a day, which is a lot of celery. It's full of antioxidants and it flushes out toxins from my body. It helps with making me feel a bit fuller as well, so you're not snacking on little things. For me I'm a snacker and I like sugar, so when I have my celery juice, it really just cuts out that craving. Also with the ginger and the lemon, I find in the cold season, I didn't get sick at all. It really helped me with my immunity.

How do you wind down in the evenings?

I'll put Hazel to bed between 7:45 pm and 8:15 pm. Once she's down, that's when I start my skincare regime. I'll wash my face, put on my eye cream, do a bit of a roller, serum, moisturiser. That for me is my happy place. I love skincare so much. I will make myself a cup of tea with some honey. Then I will either catch up on social media, catch up on my emails, read, and to be completely honest with you, I love trash TV. I will sit there, and I will just catch up on my trash TV. I'm usually passed out by 8:30 pm. I'm gone. I'm up at five, so I'm shattered.

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