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My Morning Routine with Lucy Vincent

At Ora, we love stepping into the morning routines of the women who inspire us most.

Here, Ora steps into the world of Lucy Vincent, the Auckland-based mum and founder of Sans (ceuticals). 

What's the first thing you do when you wake up? 

I want to say ideally meditation, but good intentions can go awry! In that case, it’s straight for the shower.

Do you have a morning routine?

Generally speaking, yes! With two boys, my mornings are like a fire drill between school lunches and getting out the door on time. Having said that I make sure I always cleanse all over with our Goji Cleansing Oil followed with a mix of Activator 7 Oil and Synergie Super Serum C. I wash my hair once a week with our Nourishing Hair Wash & Ultra+. I rarely wear makeup but if I do it’s RMS Un-Coverup and I tend to end up applying my mascara in the car.

What do you have for breakfast?

Usually a green smoothie and roast tomatoes on toast, or maybe poached eggs. This morning I made an omelette with kale from my garden, red onions, cherry toms and parmesan! I’ve tried to do intermittent fasting (not eat till 11am) but I just can’t, I feel terrible.

What do your kids have for breakfast?

It’s always a cooked breakfast in our house… having said that, they do love goats cheese and tomatoes on toast.

Are there any things you do the night before (or before they wake up) to make your morning's easier with kids? 

Yes, if I’m organised, I’ll make half their lunches and always make sure the kitchen is super tidy as it is so much better walking into a clean kitchen.

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