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5 Foodies To Follow On Instagram

In need of some healthy inspiration to kick off the year? We've rounded up our favourite foodies on Instagram to follow now...

They’re creative, clever, and clued up on all the right things to eat. As they prove, healthy eating doesn’t have to be complex either. It can be as simple as a bowl of fresh berries topped with natural yoghurt or crunchy rye toast with avocado and a squeeze of lemon juice. Trust us, you’ll be craving all the right foods after looking at these colourful feeds…



Jacqueline Alwill’s feelgood feed inspires us daily. An accredited nutritionist, she specialises in early childhood nutrition, fertility, and nutritional medicine. She’s also the co-founder of Day One Fertility (alongside Brittany Darling) and has three children – Jet, Elke, and Amelie. Some recent favourite recipes: broccoli bean salad with juicy coconut dukkha dressing; sweet spice carrot cake with maple peanut frosting; and brown rice, peach, asparagus, and ricotta salad.


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Jen posts a healthy, delicious selection of recipes from everywhere to her feed. Some favourites include a roasted tomato salad with mozzarella (courtesy of @betterhomesandgardens) and raw vanilla coconut fig slice by @secretsquirrelfood. If you’re feeling like your body could do with a proper cleanse, you can also download her 10-day detox eBook. 

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Sarah Britton’s feed is earthy and delicious. Head over to her site and you’ll find nourishing recipes such as spicy chickpea and sweet potato noodle soup and vibrant variations on the smoothie bowl. Her site is “the place for me to share the edible inspirations from my playtime in the kitchen, and my deep love for whole foods.”

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For a bit of food inspo plus dreamy country life inspiration, follow Louise. She’s a food and nutrition writer, cookbook author and magazine columnist. Most of all, she’s super passionate about cooking with whole food ingredients for optimal health and wellbeing.

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When freelance food photographer and stylist Georgia McDermott was diagnosed with gastroparesis (a condition whereby the cleansing wave that pushes food through your digestive system is incredibly slow) and SIBO (an overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine), she found relief in a gluten free and FODMAP Friendly diet – and she shares her journey over at @georgeats. She shares delicious “healthy-ish” recipes that are gluten free, dietary intolerance friendly, and mostly vegetarian or vegan.

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